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Static Fluid Loss Test

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Static Fluid Loss Test

Fluid Loss Test Assembly

The Fluid Loss Test Assembly provides a reliable means of determining the fluid loss characteristics of an oil well cement. Fluid Loss Testers measure fluid loss of cement slurries, drilling fluids, and fracturing fluids under elevated pressure and temperature conditions.

Fann Static Fluid Loss Testers come in Single Cell and Dual Cell models.

Fluid Loss Cells are fitted with a 325 mesh screen [3.5 in² (22.6 cm²) filtration area] backed by a 60 mesh screen. The 60 mesh screen provides a flow path for the cement filtrate as outlined in API Recommended Practice 10B. Cells are provided with openings on both ends with caps (double ended) for ease of maintenance.

Ordering Information

Part NumberCellsVolts


Rated working pressure1,500 PSIG (10.35 MPa)
Maximum temperature200°F (93.33°C)
Power Required115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Output1,800 Watts
Power Required800 watts
Filtering Area3.5in² (22.6 cm ²)