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Lab Equimpent

Shale Tech Solutions maintains a large inventory of labware, consumable supplies and reagents for use with various instruments, portable test kits, and in drilling fluid laboratories. These supplies include glass and plastic labware, special tools and fixtures, and consumable supplies. We are able to supply customized concentrations and/or quantities of materials on special orders.

  • API Test Calibration Materials brochure
  • Balances: Whether weighing multiple fluid samples with totaled results, formulating a mud, counting, percent weighing, specific gravity, or under pan weighing, we have a balance for you
  • Baths: Shale Tech Solutions offers a full line of constant temperature baths for research and control laboratories
  • Blenders and Mixers: Fann mixers and blenders are available for lab and field
  • Centrifuges: A centrifuge mechanically subjects fluids to increased G forces that accelerate the settling rate of particles within the fluid
  • Filter Paper: A calendared, hardened, qualitative low-ash filter paper used to filter fine precipitates
  • Fluoroscopes: A versatile instrument designed for on-site or laboratory inspection of drill cuttings for the presence of oil
  • Glassware and Small Items: Beakers, cups, funnels, graduated cylinders, o-rings and more.
  • Sieves: Recommended for testing applications requiring analysis of particles from 5 in. (12.7cm) to 20 microns wide (635 mesh)
  • Sieve Shaker: The Sieve Shaker has a uniform mechanical action comprising both a horizontal circular motion and a vertical tapping motion that allows particles to stratify and seek critical openings
  • Temperature Controller and Thermometers: Digital temperature controllers and thermometers
  • Thermo-Cups