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Roller Ovens

Drilling fluid testing often requires aging of drilling fluid sample. The sample, previously subjected to a period of shear, is allowed to more fully develop its rheological and filtration properties in an aging cell.  

The time period needed to more fully develop properties in a drilling fluid varies from as little as several hours (usually 16 hours) to as long as several days. The aging can be done at either ambient or elevated temperatures.

The primary tool for this aging is a roller oven.

Product List

Roller Ovens

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Roller Ovens with Programmable Timer

Fann® Model 704ET and Model 705ET Roller Ovens are primarily designed for laboratory use. These roller ovens provide an excellent method of aging drilling fluid samples.

High-temperature aging cells containing sample fluids are placed in the roller oven where they are subjected to moderate heat and agitation (rolling) on power driven rollers. Samples may also be heated without rolling (static aging).

These Roller Ovens are constructed of polished stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials. They are well insulated and the temperature is regulated by a digital temperature controller that supports Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. A programmable timer can be set for delayed start, delayed stop, and immediate start.  A voltage selector allows operation at 115VAC or 230VAC.

Enhanced Safety System

Each roller oven features the Enhanced Safety System:

  • Safety feature prevents thermal runaway
  • An over-temperature controller shuts off power to the oven heaters when the internal oven temperature reaches the maximum safe limit

Watch a video describing the Fann Roller Ovens

Ordering Information

Part No. 102365469 – Model 704ET Roller Oven, 4 Rollers

Part No. 102365354 – Model 705ET Roller Oven, 5 Rollers

Aging Cell Capacity

  Model      Number
of Rollers
260 ml Cell w/o Valve stem 260 ml Cell w/ Valve stem 500 ml Cell w/o Valve Stem 500 ml Cell w/ Valve Stem
704ET 4 9 6 6 3
705ET 5 16 12 8 8

Weights & Dimensions

Model Outside
inches (centimeters)
inches (centimeters)
  L D H L D H


22 (59) 24 (61) 25.5 (65) 18 (46) 18 (46) 14 (35) 155 (70.5)
705ES 26 (66) 30 (76) 25.5 (65) 22 (59) 24 (61) 14 (35) 170 (77.3)

Other Specifications

Model Temperature Range Heater Power Electrical
704ET Ambient to 500ºF 1000 Watts 110-230V, 50/60 Hz
705ET Ambient to 500ºF 1000 Watts 110-230V, 50/60 Hz