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Modular Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Fann Instrument Company’s Modular UCA (Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer) offers a standalone, adaptive design for scalable daisy chain configurations specific to each lab’s needs. Its single pressure system can be shared and managed for pressure ramps on multiple units.


  • Compact, space-saving footprint
  • With user supplied computer, multiple units can be controlled
  • Controls and records pressure and temperature
  • Programmable pressure and temperature ramps to simulate wellbore conditions
  • Integrates with existing Fann UCA autoclave
  • User determined ultrasonic pulsing intervals
  • Alert indicator warns for events, errors


  • Ultrasonic compressive strength measurement up to 400°F and 20,000psi
  • Measurement and control of temperature and pressure on multiple systems
  • User programming of temperature and pressure ramps
  • Built-in safety features to prevent over-pressure/over-temperature situations
  • Automatic recording of transit time, temperature, pressure, compressive strength
  • Modular design supports serviceability and reduced downtime
Modular UCA Quick Look
Pressure Range 20,000psi
Pressure Control 100psi
Pressure Ramping Configurable by user
Temperature Range 50°F to 500°F
Transit Time Resolution 0.05 μs
Acquisition Rate 10 s to 10 min
user and segment driven
Integration Fann UCA autoclave,
Fann 30KPS,
generic pressure controller,
user supplied computer
Data Logging Capable Yes
Multiple Machine Control Yes
Multiple Machine Control Yes, with ability to share
Module Components
Component Part Number Function Power
Pressure Controller 102271450 Controls and monitors pressure
Air: 80-100psi Water: 20psi
Autoclave Assembly 101002037 Holds cement sample and controls temperature 230V AC 50/60 Hz
UCA Controller 102444466 Ultrasonic engine that
integrates and controls
the system
100 to 240V AC
50/60 Hz
Plumbing Kit 102363627 Essential connection
kit to connect all the

Ordering Information
Part Number — 101887045 Modular UCA