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Resistivity Meter Model 88C

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Used to measure the resistivity of fluids, slurries or semi-solids

These resistivity instruments feature solid state electronics, and are designed to meet the needs of field and laboratory personnel for resistivity measurement according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1. Conductivity of the medium being measured is obtained by taking the reciprocal of the resistivity measurement.

The Model 88C Resistivity Meter is suitable for filtrates, muds, filter cakes or slurries and provides a direct digital readout of resistivity in three ranges: 2, 20 and 200 ohm-meters/meters².

A built-in temperature probe provides direct measurement of the sample temperature in the transparent cell. The instrument features high accuracy and has a built-in Test circuit to check calibration. It is packaged in a lightweight high-density polypropylene case and is suitable for onsite testing. Optional Battery Eliminators are available for use with the Model 88C.


Dimensions – 2.8 X 5.1 X 8.3 inches (71 X 130 X 210 mm)
Weight – 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Power Supply – Batteries, 4 – 9 volt, alkaline
Range – .005 – 199 ohm-meters

Ordering Information

Part No. 207960 – Model 88C Resistivity Meter