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Cement Cube Molds

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Designed and manufactured in strict conformance to ASTM and AASHTO specifications

  • Three-gang design for multiple sample preparation
  • Wide flange design for mold stability and performance
  • Precision machined forged bronze construction for accuracy and corrosion resistance

3-Gang Cement Cube Mold

The 3-Gang Cement Cube Mold is used to form 2″ (50.8 mm) cube samples for compressive strength testing of Portland cement, mortars, lime, gypsum and capping compounds. The main feature in the design is the wide flange construction of the top and base. This wide flange simplifies the striking off of excess amounts of cement when the cubes are being prepared and gives greater stability to the mold in storage, preparation and curing. The sturdy flanges prevent warping of the mold during use.

Warping has been the cause of cement cube molds losing their dimensions and angular tolerances. The molds use mechanical screw clamps to connect the two halves of the mold so they can be drawn tightly together. This same feature is important in removing cubes from the mold. With an unscrewing action on the clamps, the two sides of the mold can be drawn apart uniformly. This eliminates prying the mold sections apart with a trowel, knife or other sharp instrument, a practice which destroys mold surfaces and springs the mold out of tolerance.

The “T” bolts are held in place by snap rings, which precludes loss and allows for ready replacement should the “T” bolt be damaged. To facilitate cleaning of the mold, all of its surfaces are clean-lined and smooth.

The cover plate is sold separately.

Single Cement Cube Mold

The Single Cube Mold is designed and manufactured to form 2″ (50.8 mm) single cube samples for compressive strength testing. Mechanical screw clamps connect the two halves of the mold so they can be drawn tightly together. A pin holds the clamping screws in place, which allows rotation of the screws for ease of assembly/disassembly, as well as preventing loss. Carefully machined, smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning of the mold.

The cover plate is sold separately.

Ordering Information

Part No. 100011148   Mold, 3-Gang Cement Cube

Part No. 101457237   Cover Plate, 3-Gang Mold

Part No. 100012374   Mold, Single Cement Cube

Part No. 100012375   Cover Plate, Single MoldNote:  Images of products are provided for illustrative purposes only.  The actual product you receive may vary from the image displayed on this web site.