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Shale Tech Solutions offers agility and maximized results in procurement supply chain

Every company, regardless of industry, require some core points to keep their businesses operational, such as services or items for their staff and clients. Because businesses typically spend such a large portion of their revenue on these goods and services, most develop strategic procedures to ensure that their purchases are providing value in addition to resources. This strategic process is known as procurement.

Given some areas of the company cannot grow as fast as their business goes without being able to satisfy their demands, Shale Tech Solutions grants a quick, agile and world-wide service to cover the needs of its clients.

Shale Tech Solutions possesses an international structure supported by multi-disciplinary expert teams located in Miami (USA) and in Paris (France)

Our main objective is to satisfy our client’s needs at the best form, being some of these

  • To reduce logistic time
  • Urgent local or international procurement
  • Planning purchases
  • Conducting market research
  • Search for alternative suppliers in other markets
  • Present strategies to reduce operational costs
  • Look for a more suitable financial structure that adapts better to the client’s financial strategy
Shale Tech Solutions, having vast expertise in key areas like cost saving, risk management, and compliance, will always help you achieve the best result in troubleshooting and purchases.