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Horizontal Grout

BORE-GROUT horizontal heat loop grout is a bentonite grout designed for use in grouting boreholes containing horizontally installed ground source heat loops or where a grout is required to be placed around a horizontally installed product line. BORE-GROUT horizontal heat loop grout is designed to be mixed and pumped, neat, with standard horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rig equipment.

Silica sand may be added to BORE-GROUT horizontal heat loop grout to increase the thermal conductivity up to 1.2 Btu/hr·ft·°F (2.08 watts/m·°C). Sand-enhanced BORE-GROUT horizontal heat loop grout systems will require dedicated grouting equipment for mixing and placement.

Applications and Functions

  • A thermally conductive grout medium with low permeability for sealing ground source heat loops installed in horizontal bores 
  • A low permeability bentonite grout for sealing horizontal bores
  • BORE-GROUT horizontal heat loop grout should only be used in the saturated zone.


  • NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified 
  • Promotes efficient heat transfer 
  • Produces a uniform slurry for smooth pumping – No need to add extra water 
  • Creates a low permeability seal
  • Develops a permanent, flexible seal to prevent commingling between aquifers 
  • No heat of hydration 
  • No Portland or aluminum cement added 
  • No gypsum added

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)