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Multi-Mixer® Model 9B

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The Five-Spindle Multi-Mixer® Model 9B mixer is recommended for use in general purpose mixing of drilling fluids in preparation for laboratory tests of mud materials.

Five Spindle Multi-Mixers are supplied with No. 9B29X impeller blades. Each spindle is fitted with a single sine-wave impeller approximately 25 mm in diameter mounted flash side up.

This mixer conforms to American Petroleum Institute Specification 13A that all spindles rotate at 11,500 RPM +/- 300 RPM. This mixer can be used to mix water-based drilling fluids, oil-based drilling fluids, and oil well cements.

Mixer Cups sold separately

  • Model 9B with sine-wave impeller blades No. 9B29X
  • Five Spindles
  • One API specified speed

Ordering Information

Part No. 205976 Multi-Mixer, Volts/Hz 115/60, RPM 11,500 (+/- 300)

Part No. 204454 Screw Bottom Agitator Multi-Mixer (not shown)

Part No. 205967 Stainless Steel Mixer Cup, 32 oz.

Other Available Parts

Part No. Description
389872 Nylon cupholder
389873 Cupholder retaining spring
205982 Bracket spindle mount
205983 Drive disk
379355 Spindle assembly
206624 Soundproof stainless case