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Highly Dispersable Filtration Control Additive

QUIK-TROL GOLD LV highly dispersible, low viscosity filtration control additive provides filtration control in most water-based drilling fluids without substantially increasing viscosity.
QUIK-TROL GOLD LV filtration control additive, when added to an AQUAGEL, QUIK-GEL or BORE-GEL slurry, yields a low filtrate drilling fluid system suitable for drilling in water sensitive formations.

Applications and Functions

  • Filtration control in fresh or brackish water-based drilling fluids 
  • Borehole stability in water sensitive formations 
  • Encapsulation of shale to prevent swelling and disintegration 
  • Minimized rod chatter, rotational torque and circulating pressure 
  • Improved hole cleaning and core recovery 
  • Enhanced foam properties to improve cuttings transport in air/foam drilling


  • NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified 
  • Disperses readily at low shear rates 
  • Effective in fresh, salt and brackish water-based drilling fluids 
  • Tolerant of harsh environments and contaminants 
  • Non-fermenting 
  • Compatible with other Baroid drilling fluid additives

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)