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Linear Swell Meter

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Helps determine shale hydration or dehydration

Drilling problems such as stuck pipe, tight hole, washout, and sloughing can be related to shale stability.

The Fann Linear Swell Meter Model 2100 (LSM) helps determine shale hydration or dehydration by measuring the increase or decrease in length over time of reconstituted or intact shale core. Together the LSM and Capillary Suction Time (CST) tests determine the recommended mud system for drilling through a specific shale formation. First, a CST test is conducted to determine the correct inhibitor for the shale. Then, a variety of fluids are tested.

Test results are graphed to show the percent of swelling versus swelling time in minutes. The LSM test demonstrates the inhibitive effects of these various fluids on shale swelling.

Watch a video describing the Linear Swell Meter

Ordering Information

Part No. 102123383 Linear Swell Meter System with Four-Place Head, Compactor, and Software

Part No. 102527580 Linear Swell Meter System w/o Compactor

Part No. 102100513 Additional Four-Place Measuring Head

Part No. 209745 Compactor Unit (Two Head)

Part No. 205722 Transformer for 230 Volt operation