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Mixers – Hamilton Beach®

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Most drilling fluid formulations contain a base liquid and additives which must be dissolved or mechanically dispersed into the liquid to form a homogenous fluid. The resulting fluid may contain one or more of the following: water-dispersible (soluble) polymers or resins, clays or other insoluble but dispersible fine solids, and soluble salts.

The fluids are mixed or sheared for times appropriate to achieve a homogenous mixture and are then set aside to “age.” Drilling fluid aging is the process in which a drilling fluid sample, previously subjected to a period of shear, is allowed to more fully develop its rheological and filtration properties.  Aging is done under conditions which vary from static to dynamic and from ambient to highly elevated temperatures.

Hamilton Beach Mixers, Single and Three-Speed Models are recommended for use in general purpose mixing of drilling fluids in preparation for laboratory tests of mud materials. The Three-Spindle Model has independent speed controls for each spindle. These mixers can also be used to mix cement for field or laboratory testing.

Ordering Information and Specifications

Part No. Description Spindles Volts/Hz No. of Speeds
205966 Hamilton Beach Model HMD200 1 115/60 3
205974 Hamilton Beach Model HMD200 1 230/50 3
205971 Hamilton Beach Model HMD400 3 115/60 3
205970 Hamilton Beach Model HMD400 3 230/50 3