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Modified Granular Acid

AQUA-CLEAR MGA is a dry blend of granular acid and additives used in the removal of iron, manganese and carbonate scale. It retains strength longer than most liquid acids, which increases its cleaning capability. 

Applications and Functions

  • Disperse scale and incrustation 
  • Remove scale and incrustation from the water well screen, casing, gravel pack and pumping equipment 
  • Restore well production 
  • AQUA-CLEAR MGA can be used in combination with AQUA-CLEAR® AE to remove more difficult scale and incrustation


  • NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified 
  • Safe to use on all plastics, rubber and metals 
  • No harmful vapors 
  • Improves water quality (color, taste and appearance) 
  • Reduces equipment and piping failures due to scale build-up and corrosion 
  • Reduces pumping costs

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)