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Rheometer Model 50SL High Temperature

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The Fann Model 50SL High-Temperature Rheometer is a rotational viscometer designed for testing drilling fluids and fracturing fluids at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) and pressures up to 1,000 PSIG (7,000kPa) in a coaxial cylinder chamber. Heating, pressurization and rotor speed are controlled by input from specialized software.

The  xpRt50™ software is optimized for use with drilling fluids and fracturing fluids, and is designed to allow a single computer to control two Model 50 Viscometers using RS-485 serial communications. Once the sample has been loaded and the heater bath raised for testing, all control of the viscometer is accomplished via the computer and the specialized software.

The torsion springs are designed for ease of interchangeability, which permits the shear stress range of the instrument and, hence, the viscosity measuring range to be optimized for a given testing problem.

Part No. Material
209429 Rheometer Model 50 w/RCO Hastelloy, 115 Volt, 50/60 Hz
209430 Rheometer Model 50 w/RCO Hastelloy, 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
209426 Rheometer Model 50 w/RCO 316 Stainless Steel, 115 Volt, 50/ 60Hz
209427 Rheometer Model 50 w/RCO 316 Stainless Steel, 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz

Additional Equipment Required

Part No. No.205525 IBM compatible computer with Fann’s xpRt50 ™ Control and Communication software installed –  controls two Model 50 Rheometers simultaneously

Power Requirements 115 Volt 50/60 Hz, 1000 Watts
Motor Drive Variable from 3 to 600 RPM Sample Cup Speed
Sample Cup/Bob and Sample Heat Thermo Bath, 600 Watt, Max Temp 500oF (260oC).
Sample Cup/Bob Sample Cool Cold Water Circulation in Thermo Bath
Sample Temperature Measurement Type “J” thermocouple in bottom of Bob shaft
Nitrogen Pressurization Provided from external Nitrogen source controlled by Regulator
Bob Shaft Rotation Controlled by Shear Stress, 15 degrees maximum, Mechanical stops prevent over travel
Shear Stress Transducer Variable transformer sensing the angular position of the Bob and Bob shaft
Torsion Springs (Determines Shear Stress Range) No. 440 (standard), 0.41 Newton/degree
Bob (Standard) B5 1.5987 cm Radius x 7.62 cm long
Sample Cups R1 1.8415 cm inside radius (standard) R2 1.7588 cm inside radius