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Static Gel Strength

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The Multiple Analysis Cement System (MACS II®) instrument performs static gel strength tests on cement slurry samples.

The MACS II instrument conducts these tests under simulated down-hole pressure and temperature conditions to determine the Zero Gel Time/Transition Time (SGS/Time) of oil well cement.

The MACS II instrument accepts a sample of cement slurry and applies a controlled set of temperature, agitation, and pressure parameters that simulate the down-hole conditions of a well. During testing, it monitors, controls, and records these parameters to form a data set. This data can then be analyzed to assist in predicting the performance of cement slurry in a well.

If a situation exists that a well presents particular problems or special conditions of temperature and/or pressure, the MACS II instrument can assist to minimize possible problems by providing a safe and controlled environment in which to test different cement slurries for the drilling process.

Maximum Temperature for the MACS II analyzer is 600˚F.

Maximum Pressure for the MACS II analyzer is 30,000 psig

Get to know the FANN MACS II

Ordering Information

Order Part Number 101677665 – MACS II Multiple Analysis Cient Systi (Computer not included)

 Features & Benefits

  • Capabilities – 600°F tiperature and 30,000 psig
  • Pressurizes with water
  • Slurry cup has an isolation volume chamber in the top to reduce risk of contamination.
  • Uses a conventional-style slurry cup
  • Integrated heating/cooling band 
  • Variable speed rotation which allows for more meaningful testing of  thixotropic slurries and gels with long delay times
  • No time limit on the test duration
  • Completely computer controlled
  • Fully automated start-up, conditioning, gel strength testing, and shut-down