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EP and Lubricity Tester

Diseñado para medir la calidad lubricante de los fluidos de perforación.

El Fann Model 212 Combination EP (Extreme Pressure) and Lubricity Tester es un instrumento de alta calidad diseñado para medir la calidad lubricante de los fluidos de perforación, proporciona datos para evaluar el tipo y la cantidad de aditivos lubricantes que pueden requerirse y predice las tasas de desgaste de partes mecánicas en sistemas de fluidos conocidos

EP tests are performed by applying a measured force with a torque arm to a torque-sensitive, rotating bearing cup. This provides a means of testing lubrication under extreme pressure conditions and produces an indication of the film strength of the fluid being tested.

Data Sheets/Parts Lists/Procedures & Manuals

EP/Lubricity Tester capabilities include:

  • Measuring the lubricating quality of drilling fluids
  • Providing data to evaluate the type and quantity of lubricating additives that may be required
  • Predicting wear rates of mechanical parts in known fluid systems

Ordering Information

Part No. 206923 EP/Lubricity Tester, 115 Volt