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Kjeldahl Titration Apparatus

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

A safer, faster, more cost efficient method for analyzing polyacrylamides

The High Performance Kjeldahl Titration Apparatus is more robust than current test kits and suitable for field use. In addition, the analysis can be successfully utilized with whole muds, filtrates, or standard polymer solutions. The test has produced results that are drastically more reproducible (± 0.25 ppb on a given sample) than the current test employed, while obtaining the same results accuracy. This particular test is not limited to
polyacrylamides; compatibility studies are being conducted with other drilling fluid additives.

Top View
Upside down view with stem-valve

The HPK Titration Apparatus overcomes many of the inherent PA-test problems by combining all the reaction vessels currently used into a single piece that is made of steel/PVC and connected by gas-tight stem valves. This apparatus provides both improved consistency in results and greater accuracy with the new procedure.


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Part No. 371240 HPK Titration Apparatus