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Wettability Tester Model C1001

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The Model C1001 Wettability Tester is designed for evaluation of spacers and/or pre-flushes that water-wet surfaces where cement needs to bond; where the surfaces are exposed to non-aqueous fluids, specifically oil and synthetic-based drilling fluids. Both the apparent wettability of various mud/spacer interface volumes and the apparent wettability of just the spacer system against oil-wetted surfaces can be evaluated.  

This instrument consists of a double-walled stainless steel mixing jar, a blender base, and an electronics control unit. A harness connection provides power to the heater, the thermocouple, and the electrodes. The jar can be used on most commercial blender bases. The accompanying electronics control unit contains the temperature controller and wettability electronics.

The graph below illustrates the wettability transition that is occurring during the phase transition for four synthetic based drilling fluids as they are mixed with an aqueous spacer that contains a popular surfactant package.

Wettability Graph

Ordering Information

Part No. 203936 Wettability Tester Model C1001


Power 115 Volts 60 Hz
Maximum Temperature >180oF (82oC)
Volume 750 ml