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Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

Shear strength measurements are normally made on a static, heat-aged mud sample. Aging temperatures are, therefore, selected to be near the estimated bottom-hole temperature of the well. Aging cells or vessels that meet the pressure and temperature requirements for the test are necessary.

The Shearometer is used for determining the gel strength of drilling muds. The results are read directly from a calibrated scale, and give gel strength in pounds of shear per 100 square feet of area. The Fann Shearometer Kit includes a Shearometer cup with graduated scale, two 5-gram Shearometer tubes and instructions.

Some drilling fluids tend to thicken and, in some cases, to solidify when left under static conditions in a deep hot hole. Fann Aging Cells have been designed to aid in predicting the performance of drilling fluids under static, high temperature conditions. A special 20-gram Shearometer Tube with weight support is available for tests on drilling mud after aging at high temperature.

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Part No. 206952 Shearometer Kit No. 240