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30KPS Pressure Controller

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The 30KPS is the perfect, compact, self-contained solution that can be plumbed to serve and control multiple pressure driven devices, such as autoclaves, curing chambers and more.

This unit has been designed to digitally control the pressure set point during testing, and can be plumbed to provide pressure to other devices (e.g. autoclaves or curing chambers). It includes a communications port for control and data interface to external devices, self-contained operation, and functionality to set maximum usable pressure.

This product can be used with any equipment requiring external pressure regulation. It is capable of controlling pressure from 200 to 30,000 psi with resolution of +/- 100 psi. It can be controlled manually from the front panel controls or can interface with Fann software programs that take advantage of the communications port for automatic pressure control. The pressure controller has a small footprint and uses minimal laboratory space.


  • Digital control of pressure setpoint, with regulated control up to maximum pressure
  • Small footprint and self-contained operation
  • Ability to set maximum usable pressure
  • Provides pressure to other devices, such as autoclaves, curing chambers etc.
  • Communications port for control and data interface to external controllers
  • Remote device control, using Fann provided software, or manually on front panel
  • Powered from 110 or 220V service using provided AC adapter

Ordering Information
Part Number – 102271450 30KPS Pressure Controller
Part Number – 102363627 High Pressure Tubing Kit for UCA
Part Number – 102334877 Optional Air Filter/Regulator