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HPHT Consistometer

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The Model 290 High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) Consistometer measures cement slurry viscosity or consistency under elevated pressure and temperature conditions. Its primary function is to determine the maximum available pumping time of a cement slurry before the slurry reaches an un-pumpable consistency before setting. While designed for cement slurries, the effects of pressure, time and temperature can also be observed for other fluids, emulsions, dispersions, or slurries under static or dynamic conditions.


The Fann Model 290 HPHT Consistometer exposes a cement slurry sample to a controlled set of parameters of temperature, agitation and pressure that simulate the down-hole conditions. During a test, these parameters are carefully monitored and precisely controlled by the system software.

A flat panel, High-Resolution, LCD touch-screen provides the interface between the user and the software. The LCD screen provides real-time viewing of temperature, pressure, and consistency data in graphic and text formats. This data is automatically recorded to a database for future analysis to help predict the cement slurry’s down-hole performance.

Ordering Information

Part No. 101443590– HPHT Consistometer Model 290


The HPHT Consistometer Control Software is the next generation of complete and powerful system control software with a simple and friendly, flexible user interface.

  • Touch Screen with Friendly and Flexible User Interface
  • Unlimited storage for test data
  • Remote Test control & monitor via LAN, Intranet, and Internet
  • Email test results from within software

Software Features

  • Distributed Software; machine control code is run from embedded controller independent of front panel I/F computer
  • Web enabled user intervace
  • Software wizard for test setup
  • Remote test control and monitor via LAN, Intranet, and Internet
  • File Transfer Utility will not allow tests to proceed when embedded controller flash memory is full unless files have been moved or backed up to a network drive, thumb drive, or other media.
  • Calibration Data is also protected by the file transfer utility
  • Data Manager software allows viewing of test results locally or from remote computer with PDF printing capability
  • Instrument calibration results are reviewable/printable with Data Manager
  • Email test results from within software.

Basic Features

  • Temperature up to 400°F (204° C)
  • Pressure to 30,000 psig (207 MPa)
  • Slurry cup rotation – 150 RPM per API specifications
  • Metal-to-Metal pressure chamber closure – ease of operation, less maintenance
  • Pressure chamber cooling coils – fast cool-down, quick cleanup
  • Ceramic-insulated electrical connections through pressure chamber
  • Distributed hardware: 
    • If computer breaks down, the test still runs and completes
    • Separation of mission critical hardware
  • Software wizards:
    • Ease of operation-minimal user interface with dashboard
    • User guidance ensures all tasks are completed before test can be started
  • Calibration routines:
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Bc*
  • Cooling capability:
    • Allows for low temperature test (external chiller required)
    • Cooling can be made part of test sequence
  • Customizable hesitation squeeze:
    • Separate user controlled motor On/Off times
  • Fast update rate and event recording:
    • Triggered by Bc values or elapssed time
    • 6 readings per minute
  • User friendly graphs:
    • Simultaneous charting of oil and slurry temperatures
    • Selectively view or hide charts
    • Marker to read any value on graph.
  • Touch screen:
    • User can turn it on or off
  • Improved pressure control
    • Improved life of pressure control valve with addition of hardware
    • Better pressure control of the target pressure
    • Additional filtering improves reliability of hydraulics

*Bc-Bearden units of Consistency-units used to express the consistency of a cement slurry when determined on a pressurized consistometer.

Safety Features

  • Rupture disc for accidental chamber overpressure
  • Automatic power shutdown if test temperature exceeds safe perating limits or if a break occurs in the temperature controlling thermocouple
  • Rupture disc for accidental chamber overpressure
  • Hardware indicator lights warn of temperature/pressure conditions
  • Automatic power shutdown if test temperature exceeds safe operating limits or if a break occurs in the temperature controlling thermocouple


Electrical Power Supply 230 Volts
Current 30A
Frequency 60 Hz or 50 Hz (specify)
Cooling Water Supply 30 psig min. (0.207 mPa)
Compressed Air Supply 90 psig min. (0.621 mPa)
Drain for Cooling Water