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DYNAMIC HPHT® Filtration System – Model 90

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo para la Argentina

The industry’s only true dynamic filtration system for conducting filter cake formation and permeability analysis for drilling fluids optimization

Utilizing a wide range of available filter mediums, the DYNAMIC HPHT filtration system can be heated and pressurized to provide the closest possible simulation of down-hole conditions. Several safety features have been designed into the system to protect the user and help ensure reliable test results.

The filter medium is a thick-walled cylinder with rock-like characteristics to simulate the build-up of filter cake on the formation. The filter medium is available in varying porosities and permeabilities to simulate down hole formations.

Polished stainless steel shear bob

Filtration occurs radially from the inside of the filter core to the outside. At the same time, the filter cake is formed on the inside of the filter core to simulate filter cake formation on the wall of a borehole. Following completion of a test, the filter cake can be inspected visually. A polished stainless steel shear bob runs through the central axis of the filter core. The shear bob is rotated to produce a concentric cylinder-type shear across the filtration surface.

The LCD display allows monitoring of real-time test results, which are printed for further analysis and filing of test results. The DYNAMIC HPHT filtration system also features an interface port, which allows downloading of ASCII-formatted data to a personal computer. The system is fully automatic with a built-in computer controller.

Through menu-driven software, the user can establish up to 20 sequence steps to program the following testing parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Differential pressure 
  • Shear rate  

For Operational and Safety features, see the Product Brochure.

Ordering Information

Part No. 209113 – Dynamic HPHT Filtration System Model 90

Ceramic Filter Cores

Part NumberPorosity – Mean Pore DiameterPermeability – Air
2105455 micron750 milli-darcy
21054610 micron950 milli-darcy
21054720 micron2.8 darcy
21348335 micron5.5 darcy
21054860 micron6.7 darcy
21054990 micron13.5 darcy
210550150 micron26.5 darcy
210551190 micron75 darcy


Working pressure2500 psig
Maximum temperature500°F
Maximum differential pressure500+ psig
(actual maximum limited by core strength)
Maximum power requirements1500 watts
Heater power1200 watts
Power supply120/240V, 50/60 Hz
Sample volume250 cc
Filtrate volume50 cc
Shear bob drive¼ hp motor with belted magnetic drive;
no dynamic seals to wear out
Shear rate constant2693 1/s per rpm (no filter cake)
Initial shear rate range (with standard bob)9, to 269 1/s
Dimensions12.5 x 17.75 x 28 in (305 x 455 x 711 mm)
Weight170 pounds (77 kg)