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Measurement of the filtration behavior and wall-cake-building characteristics of a drilling fluid or mud are fundamental to the treatment and control of a mud, as are the oil, water or emulsion content of the filtrate. These characteristics are affected by solid particles and emulsified water in the mud, by properties of the liquid phase and by temperature and pressure interactions of these various components.

  • Filter Paper: A calendared, hardened, qualitative low-ash filter paper used to filter fine precipitates
  • Filter Press API (LPLT):  The most effective means of determining the filtration properties of drilling muds and cement slurries
  • Filter Press Cell Clamp: Used to test drilling fluids under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions
  • Filter Press Half Area:  Compact version of the standard Filter Press employs 1/2 size filtration area
  • Filter Press Hydraulic Dead Weight:  A mud reservoir mounted in a frame, a pressure source, a filtering medium, and a graduated cylinder for receiving and measuring filtrate