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Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA)

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

The Model 389 AP/MC Automated Permeability Plugging Apparatus (APPA) provides an exceptional reproducible environment for testing a drilling fluid’s ability to minimize fluid loss and achieve an optimal filter cake on the well bore.

Traditional permeability plugging tets require the operator to manually manage the timing, pressure control, and filtrate collection during the test. The Model 389 AP and MC combination eliminates the need for continuous operator intervention and promotes testing automation and repeatability.


The Model 389 AP is a high pressure, high temperature instrument designed to perform permeability plugging tests.  The 5000 psig rated APPA is ideal for predicting how a drilling fluid can form a permeable filter cake to seal off depleted or under pressure intervals.


The Model 389 MC is an automated filtrate collection add-on, designed specifically for the APPA.  It allows a user to collect, record, and interpret real-time fluid loss data from a permeability plugging test performed on the APPA.


As a system, the Model 389 AP/MC enables the user to perform automated tests while logging filtrate volume, pressure, and temperature autonomously.  Analytical post-processing software enables the user to see how data collected by the Model 389 MC compares to usual filtrate collection methods.  The combination allows for extended testing periods beyond sixteen hours, illustrating and quantifying the static permeability of the filter cake log after the traditional 30 minute test has ended.


  • Automatic pressure control, bottom side pressurization prevents settling of solids
  • Filtering media comes in various pore sizes, compatible with all current APPA cells
  • Fully automated for continuous collection of filtrate
  • Graph illustrating real time data, on-board test data storage
  • Fluid loss data logged/plotted, view/compare multiple test results simultaneously
  • Run extended 16+ hr tests without an operator present
  • Fluid loss measurement repeatability of 0.1 mL
  • 40mL receiver ‘flush’ feature – eliminates need for removal/cleaning after every test