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Acid Enhancer / Antifoulant

AQUA-CLEAR AE liquid blend of acids and acid enhancers is formulated to control bacterial slime contamination due to the presence of iron-related and sulphate-reducing bacteria.

Applications and Functions

  • Remove the bio-mass matrix caused by bacterial fouling
  • Reduce sulphur tase and odor in water
  • Clean up well screens, pumps and distribution system
  • Restore well productivity and reduce power and maintenance costs
  • AQUA-CLEAR AE can be used in combination with AQUA CLEAR® MGA and other acids


  • NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified 
  • Safe to use on all plastics, rubber and metals 
  • Cost effective, efficient extended life treatment 
  • Improves water quality and renews well production rate 
  • Mitigates corrosion and equipment failure 
  • Reduces pumping costs 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)