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pH/Ion Meter – Digital Lab Model

Shale Tech Solutions SRL distribuidor exclusivo de FANN para la Argentina

A high-quality, bench-type lab pH meter designed to measure the entire pH scale (0-14)

The Lab Model Digital pH/Ion Meterhas a milli-volt range of +/-1000mV and easily converts from 115- to 230-volts AC power by use of a conveniently mounted switch. The unit provides accuracy and readability of 0.01 pH.

The automatic temperature compensation (ATC) range on this instrument runs from 0° to 100° centigrade. The ATC probe (included with meter) plugs into the front panel of the meter and automatically adjusts the readout to measure temperature variations in the fluid. The analog recorder output may be continuously used in conjunction with a recorder to display and record the pH measurements.

Laboratory Bench-type pH Meter provides stable, accurate measurements in pH, mV and temperature. Built-in memory function stores up to 50 pH, mV or relative mV readings with corresponding temperature. This meter is so easy to use; you’ll be ready to take readings in minutes!

The Lab Model pH Meter features a large dual display that shows pH (or mV) and temperature readings, and a water-resistant membrane keypad. Slide-out instruction card (included) stores underneath the meter for quick reference. This pH meter is supported by a full selection of Fann calibration buffers, electrodes and accessories.


  • Large dual display shows pH or mV, plus temperature
  • Three-point pH calibration with auto buffer recognition
  • Selectable buffer sets
  • Lab Model Digital pH/Ion Meter
  • Combination pH Probe
  • Soaker Bottle and Soaker Solution
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Probe
  • Switch from pH to mV readings with a button press
  • Features 0.1 mV resolution for ORP measurements
  • Selectable manual or automatic temperature compensation
  • Built-in memory function
  • Hold function, Ready indicator, and diagnostic error messages
  • Fully diagrammed manual, plus slide-out instruction card

Ordering Information

Part No. 209994 Lab Model Digital pH/Ion Meter

Power 9 VDC, 500 mA; 
using AC adapter (included)choose from 
110 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz models
AC adapter is CSA and UL listed
Input impedance >1012Ω 
Temperature Compensation Selectable manual or automatic from 0 to 100°C
Memory Up to 50 sets
Recorder output ±2000 mV (directly proportional to input)
Recorder output connector Mini pin (subminiature phono plug)
Display Dual display of measurement with temperature and mode annunciators
Error messages Diagnose operator error, electrode error, and meter error Pull-out instruction card decodes message
Type pH mV Temperature
Range 0.00 to 14.00 pH -1999 to +1999 mV 0 to 100°C
Resolution 0.01 pH 0.1 mV from ±199.9 mV 1 mV beyond ±199.9 mV 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.01 pH ±0.2 mV from ±199.9 mV ±2 mV beyond ±199.9 mV 0.3°C
Calibration Up to 3 points (USA: 4.01; 7.00; 10.01 or
NIST: 4.01, 6.86; 9.18); auto-buffer recognition
Offset up to ±150 mV Offset 0.1°C increments up to ±5°C

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